Dr Syntax

YEEEAH BOOYYY! British hip hop stalwarts and long-time friends Dr Syntax and Tom Caruana have teamed up to bring you a concept album based around dialogue snippets from the work of legendary TV and film director Edgar Wright (of Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and Spaced fame).

After years of well-received releases, tours and collaborations (including songs with chart sensations Rizzle Kicks and Foreign Beggars), the newly-formed duo made the album after Wright himself got in touch with Caruana and gave him carte blanche to sample his work. The result is 14 tracks of quirky, funk-fuelled dopeness, featuring dazzling cameos from Leaf Dog (Four Owls/High Focus), Rebecca Stephens (formerly of The Pipettes), Don’t Flop! rap battle legend Enlish and newcomer Clev Cleverley. All that, plus the Cornetto from the shop. How's that for a slice of fried gold?


2007 - Self Taught (Dented)

2010 - Benny Huge (Dented)

2012 - A Slice Of Fried Gold (Tea Sea)

2014 - Killer Combo (Tactical Thinking)

2015 - Elaborate Anoraks (Kompyla)

2018 - Let's Talk (Tactical Thinking)

Features on (Tea Sea releases only):

2005 - The Menagerie - Wild Kingdom

2013 - The Menagerie - Irregular Spirits

2017 - The Menagerie - Odd Beast

2018 - Professor Elemental - School of Whimsy

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