Caruana met Syntax in the early 2000s through Elemental. Alongside DJ Nick Maxwell for 4 of them formed The Menagerie and released Wild Kingdom in 2005. Syntax joined Caruana's group Son Of Sam live on stage during support sets for Raekwon and KRS-One in Brighton. In 2012 Syntax and Caruana put out their joint album A Slice Of Fried Gold, inspired by Edgar Wright films who had sent Tom the dialogue files for his first 3 films. Dr Syntax has since been working extensively with megastar producer Pete Cannon to release a number of EPs and albums. Tom and Syntax rejoined forces during the lockdown in 2020 and started working on tracks which formed the latest album Crumbs. 


2005 - The Menagerie - Wild Kingdom

2007 - Self Taught

2010 - Benny Huge

2012 - A Slice Of Fried Gold (with Tom Caruana)

2014 - Killer Combo (with Pete Cannon) 

2015 - Elaborate Anoraks (with Pete Cannon) 

2016 - The Tonic EP (with Pete Cannon) 

2017 - The Menagerie - Odd Beast

2018 - Let's Talk (with Pete Cannon) 

2018 - The Tonic 2 EP (with Pete Cannon) 

2019 - Wallop (with Pete Cannon)

2021 - Crumbs (with Tom Caruana)


Features on (Tea Sea releases):

2013 - The Menagerie - Irregular Spirits

2018 - Professor Elemental - School of Whimsy

2021 - Professor Elemental - Nemesis!