Formed in the early 2000s, Son Of Sam are a live instrument hip hop band consisted of John Sam on drums, Joe Sam on bass (and guitar), Richard Halligan on keyboard, sax & flute and Tom Caruana on keys & guitar, percussion (and production)

2000-2005: Even though the group wrote many original beats none of them were ever recorded properly in a studio, they were however recorded onto mini-disk using one mic in the middle of the room. In 2011 the group picked 30 of their favourite beats from those sessions and recorded them properly. Over the following few years the beats were sent to MCs to feature on the tracks. Extra musical elements were added and arrangements were refined and in 2017 they released the album 'Cinder Hill' which was literally 10+ years in the making!

Currently creating the second album which has some great features including: Finale, Rapper Big Pooh, Chaundon, Supastition, Blu, Kurious, Truck North, Hassan Mackey, Tanya Morgan, yU, Nolan The Ninja, Paten Locke, Willie Evans Jr. & Dillon.