Professor Elemental - Apequest

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Format: CD in digipak case

Release Date: 23rd November 2015


Join the Prof. on a journey through time and space as he searches for his lost ape Geoffery. 


1. The Replacement

2. Theme Music (feat. Nick Maxwell)

3. Prototype Trousers

4. Tempus Fugitive

5. How It Feels To Loose 1000 Apes

6. Pterodactyl (feat. Sabira Jade) 

7. Trapped In The Kingdom Of The Bored

8. Under Command Of The King (feat. Teej)

9. Weird Weird West (feat. Steam Powered Giraffe)

10. Trouser Malfunction 

11. The Inn At The End Of Time (feat. Nick Maxwell)

12. Limbo

13. Overdrive

14. Future Shocked

15. Confessions Of A Cab Driver (feat. Jon Clark)

16. The Big Break-In

17. End Of Level Boss (feat. Jon Clark)

18. Crisis On Infinite Trousers

19. The Voyage Home

20. Home Sweet Home (feat. Hattie Snooks & Sabira Jade)

21. Celebrate

22. Closing Credits


All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Tom Caruana 
Theme Music & The Inn At The End Of Time - Cuts by Nick Maxwell 
Pterodactyl - Vocals by Sabira Jade 
Under Command of the King - Lord Teejle played by Teej 
Weird Weird West - Chorus by Steam Powered Giraffe, Guitar by Moog 
Confessions of a Cab Driver, The Big Break-In & End Of Level Boss - Cab Driver played by Jon Clark 
Home Sweet Home - Vocals by Hattie Snooks & Sabira Jade 

Cover Art - Charlie Adlard 
Cover Design - Rob Crespo

Album comes with digital download upon purchase