Professor Elemental - Amazing Friends

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Format: CD in digipack

Release Date: 6th December 2016


Collection of non-album tracks, remixes and rarities. 


1. Intro

2. More Of What You Asked For

3. All You Can Eat

4. Bare Witness

5. Cotton Club (skit)

6. Bee Gees Ain't Got Nothing On Me

7. All In Together (GnT Remix)

8. Mectoria

9. Inn At The End Of Time (Remix)

10. I Had A Hat (skit)

11. Put Up Your Dukes

12. Sweet Sue (skit)

13. 101 Questions

14. Laughing Gas (skit)

15. Wages Of Gin

16. Theme Music (extended version)

17. Outro




All tracks produced by Tom Caruana...except: 
'More Of What You Asked For' produced by Mr Frisby 
'All You Can Eat' produced by Pete Cannon 
'Bare Witness' produced by Bill* 
'BeeGees Ain't Got Nothing On Me' produced by Thom 
Cuts on 'All In Together' & 'Inn At The End Of Time' by Nick Maxwell 

Mastered by Flevans at EW Mastering
Album artwork and design by Ben McCaffrey. 

Album comes with digital download upon purchase