Professor Elemental - Father Of Invention

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Format: CD in jewel case

Release Date: 26th November 2012


The Prof invites you round to his place for a good old knees up and to tell you some stories around the fire with a glass of gin. 


1. Welcome

2. You're Invited

3. An Englishman's Home Is His Castle

4. I'm British

5. Back In The Swing Of Things (91 Remix)

6. Oh Geoffery

7. Hello My Pretty (skit)

8. You Remind Me Of A Car

9. Animal Ice Cream

10. So Long Sally

11. The Great Race

12. Zeppelin Steeplechase (skit)

13. Hat Full Of Sunshine (feat. Sadie Jemmett)

14. A Little Tea Dance (skit)

15. Everything Stops For Tea

16. This Is My Horse (Show Me Yours)

17. Too Much Gin (skit)

18. The Attic

19. The Duel (feat. Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer)

20. All The Best


All tracks produced, mixed & mastered by Tom Caruana 

Cuts on Back In The Swing of Things & Animal Ice Cream by Nick Maxwell 
Additional vocals on So Long Sally & Hat Full of Sunshine by Sadie Jemmett 

Artwork & design layout by Crespo

Album comes with digital download upon purchase