Dr Syntax & Tom Caruana - Crumbs

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1. Aura Glow

2. Do Something Positive

3. Boost

4. Hammer and Tongs

5. Basic Biscuits

6. Get Your Dad Off The Internet

7. Chilling

8. Back

9. Crumbs

10. Panda Sex

11. Chewits

12. You Can't Catch Me

Produced by Tom Caruana.

Vocals by Dr Syntax.

Saxes on Boost & Back performed and written by R. Halligan & Leroy Horns.

Flute on Back performed and written by R. Halligan.

Saxes and flute recorded by Leroy Horns.

Cuts on Crumbs by DJ Nick Maxwell.

Artwork/design by Sacha Dudley.