Tom Caruana

Production Credits

2018 - Rough Versions Remix Series Vol. 6 - Biggie (TC37)

2018 - Professor Elemental - School Of Whimsy (TC36)

2017 - Son Of Sam - Cinder Hill (TC34)

2017 - The Menagerie - Odd Beast (TC33)

2016 - Dabbla - Year Of The Monkey ('Supermodified' and 'Super Happy')

2016 - Professor Elemental - Amazing Friends 

2015 - An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space

2015 - Professor Elemental - Apequest (TC31)

2014 - Longusto & Devise - Stumbling

2014 - Professor Elemental - The Giddy Limit

2013 - Professor Elemental - A Plater Of Platypuses (TC28)

2013 - The Menagerie - Irregular Spirits (TC22)

2012 - Professor Elemental - Father Of Invention (TC25)

2012 - Longusto - Too Big To Play (TC24)

2012 - Dr Syntax & Tom Caruana - A Slice Of Fried Gold (TC23)

2012 - Dizraeli & Tom Caruana - White Man Moves

2011 - Rizzle Kicks - Stereo Typical ('Miss Cigarette')

2011 - Rough Versions Remix Series - Vol. 1 - Large Pro

2011 - Rough Versions Remix Series - Vol. 2 - MF DOOM

2011 - Rough Versions Remix Series - Vol. 3 - Brand Nubian

2011 - Rough Versions Remix Series - Vol. 4 - J-Live

2011 - Rough Versions Remix Series - Vol. 5 - D.I.T.C.

2011 - Tom Caruana - Instrumentals Vol. 5 - Elements of the Professor (TC26)

2011 - Wu-Tang & Jimi Hendrix - Black Gold

2011 - Okayplayer The Bollywood Remake

2011 - Professor Elemental - More Tea (TC21)

2011 - Special School - Special School ('So Special', 'A Scolding', 'Too Much Info', 'The Antidote', 'Second 2 None' & 'Graveyard Shifts')

2010 - Wu-Tang vs The Beatles - Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

2010 - Tom Caruana - Instrumentals Vol. 4 

2010 - Delusionists - Prolusion Plus ('Supa Lyrical Excursion pt. 2 Remix')

2010 - Professor Elemental - The Indifference Engine (TC20)

2010 - Grand Agent & Tom Caruana - The Ghetto Ain't A Place (TC19)

2009 - Insight - True Or False (Original version) (TC18)

2009 - Bombadeal - Further Into The Woods (TC17)

2009 - Wordsmith - In Pursuit Of Harmony ('Slip & Slide')

2009 - Mole & Iris - Clouds ('Great Expectations')

2009 - Tom Caruana - It's So Different Here (TC16)

2009 - Tom Caruana - Instrumentals Vol. 3 (TC14)

2009 - Elemental & Tom Caruana - Rebel Without Applause (TC13)

2009 - Teej & Tom Caruana - Sound Of Teejuana (TC09)

2008 - Klondike Kids - Klondike Kids (TC12) 

2008 - Skreintax - Scene Stealers ('Back Down')

2008 - Ez A Divat - Nofun Nofun ('Tom Caruana remix')

2008 - Longusto - Back In The Bad Books (TC08)

2008 - Tom Caruana - Instrumentals Vol. 2 (TC07)

2008 - Tom Caruana - Welcome Aboard 

2007 - Bombadeal - Songs From The Wood (TC06)

2007 - Munk 777 - Nocturnalism (co-produced 'Suddenly')

2007 - Tom Caruana - Instrumentals Vol. 1 (TC05)

2007 - Tom Caruana - Bric A Brac (TC02)

2007 - Boiler Room Collective - BRC Album (TC01)

2005 - Genesis Elijah - Deh Pon Road ('Road Rage', '3rd Order', 'How It Goes', 'Make Some Noise')

2005 - Wordsmith - The Roadman Showcase 

2005 - The Menagerie - Wild Kingdom 

2004 - Tom Caruana - The Splice Of Life

2004 - Boiler Room Collective / The Menagerie - Way Of The Sword / Lets Ave Some 

2004 - Teej - Step In My Adventure

2002 - Breakin Bread - Deadly Seven Inch Sins. Tom Caruana & Ahmos 'Green Fingers' 


Tom has produced beats for a number of projects over the years. His reworking of hip hop classics have caught the attention of The Chicagoist, The New York Times, The Guardian and Edgar Wright, most notably with his Wu Tang vs The Beatles/Jimi Hendrix. 

"Caruana is a producer of considerable imagination, skill and potential". (The Guardian)

Read 'A conversation with Tom Caruana' via M3

Here's a few reviews and interviews with Tom Caruana, mostly to do with him Wu-Tang vs The Beatles album

Acclaim Mag interview with Tom Caruana  (link)

New York Times / Artsbeat Blog interview with Tom Caruana (link)

Chicagoist Review

Wait--before you start, we know that mash-up albums are, like, so last decade. We know that every so-called unsuspected relationship between rock and hip-hop has been bridged by ambitious producers all over the world who happen to have some acappella tracks and GarageBand. While we still love the great bits, like Chicago's own The Hood Internet, so much of it is just sloppily placed together, without regard for what makes two different tracks work well harmonically. But, amidst a trend that we can't quite figure out is leaving or here to stay indefinitely, every once in a while a well-intended and talented soul finds the right match. In this case, it's Tom Caruana and his free album pitting Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles, Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers.

Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers explores the entire chronology of Wu-Tang, using tracks and verses from all eras, including group and solo efforts, and stages them against the instrumentation of The Beatles. What stands out about Caruana's mash-up album is that it maintains a hip-hop feel while allowing The Beatles' dynamic musical bits to peak through. Had RZA not been dabbling in classic Charmels tracks and instead buried himself in the Beatles back-catalog, this is the album he might have produced. Caruana uses his samples selectively, only taking the best parts and reinterpreting them in true hip-hop fashion. In a radically different world where The Beatles are not the biggest band to ever exist, this album could have dropped in 1993 and we would have called it just another great record, not some gimmick as manifest through current music trends. And that's why it's great.

Quotes about Tom's Splice Of Life EP

Wicked 12" just had to write to tell u, lov all the trax and smashin them all out , especially it's arch and i created this style. i dont know if this has been out long or when i got it but this is really good.
DJ Vadim


Feeling Tom's production - especially on 'It's Arch'. Lyrics are all tight from the mcs and DPF steps a gear on 'I Created This Style'. 'Choosing The Right Bird' is very amusing! Charted at no.12
Eddie Rishue (Steady Diggin Workshop / Carbon Imprints)

Another quality release from the BB lads, high in value (yeah I know it was free but...) with a good range of styles (both beats and the emcee's), Toms got some wicked beats and a sense of humour (very important). Great stuff, nice cover too. 
DJ Cro (Main Ingredient Radio Show, Medicine Bar, Attik)

Really nice EP, loving “Its Arch”. The other 2 tracks are solid too, but unlikely to be suitable in clubs for anything other than a warm up bit. Will probably be playing “I created this style” on the radio a little, as I really like the vocal on that. But would have bought this on the strength of Its Arch anyway, and will be giving it 9/10 in City Lights, possibly as tune of the month depending on what crops up between now and then.
Santero (Stealth/Freeze Fm/City Lights)

Took me a couple of listens to get into, but really good. Played on the radio this week.
Chris Read (Substance)

I really like the flow on the first track, the beat is wicked and bassy and actually mixes well with JAYLIBs ‘the red’
Joe Rorke (Music Evolution)

Tom Caruana made excellent hip hop ride at his “The Splice Of Life” EP…
“Its Arch” is the winner for me, FAT FAT FAT, what else i can say…
“Straight Up” delivered a great flow as well, both tracks will roll for a long time…

Tom Caruana's single is crazzzy, my favourite is I Create This Style, but all the tracks are heavy and the cover too.

Good solid ep, more please!
Mr Scruff

Love the beats
Sean Shiggz - Rawganics

This guy is an interesting producer for sure
Andy Smith - Portishead