Multiskilled MC, singer and musician, Dizraeli has adopted an almost folk like ethos in his recent song writing which include political commentary and storytelling, there isn't a concept he couldn't tackle. Dizreali met TC in Brighton where the 2 worked together for a period of time before heading Edinburgh to work on the Fringe show 'The Rebel Cell' with Baba Brinkman. This strengthened the links and the 2 worked closely on both the White Man (Moves) and Irregular Spirits albums. 


2009 - Engurland (City Shanties)

2009 - Mud Sun (Dizraeli & Baba Brinkman) - The Rebel Cell

2012 - White Man (Moves) (Tea Sea Records)

2013 - Dizraeli & The Small Gods - Moving In The Dark

Appears on:

2012 - Longusto - Too Big To Play - appears on track 'All For You'

2013 - The Menagerie - Irregular Spirits - appears on the tracks 'Are You Serious', 'Coming Home To You', 'Irregular Spirits', 'Never (Ever) Again', 'Keep Your Head Down' & 'Tidal Wave'.