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When we started getting MCs to feature on the Son Of Sam album Soundsci was an unknown group to me. I had been asking around about artists worth contacting, and the Soundsci name came up in a couple of conversations. I had asked old friends Fidel Cutstro and Ewan from Rarekind for some suggestions and they both pointed me to Soundsci and more specifically Oxygen. I started listening to their stuff and thought they were the perfect kind of group to work with us. They had a classic group sound and the 3 MCs each had their own individuality about them. Production on pretty much all the Soundsci projects was handled by Ollie Teeba and Jonny Cuba, two heads I already had a lot of respect for. Once communication with Oxygen had begun, it was like the flood gates opened and this is really where the vocals for the project started flowing. I sent him some demo mixes of the beats and soon he had picked a couple to work with. He then also started recommending more people to me and putting me in touch with people too. Ox put me in touch with Paten Locke, John Robinson, 7even Thirty, Kurious (who’s track is going on our second album) as well as Audessy and U-George from the Soundsci crew. Ox was the main person (other than the other members of Son Of Sam) who I would play stuff to. 

Over a series of emails I caught up with Oxygen, U-George and Audessey to quiz them on a few things. 

1) How long has Soundsci been going? How did you all meet each other? 

Oxygen - I came along as a feature on the track "In A Flash" back in 2011. A year before that, I was recording with the group Sputnik Brown and had discovered Jonny Cuba's production on MySpace. Originally he had presented the beat for what turned into Soundsci's song "Formula 99" to Sputnik Brown, but around that time we were parting ways. I loved the beat and I asked if I could grab a feature on that track as well. From there I asked to just become an official member of Soundsci, and they accepted. Before all that happened, we (Sputnik Brown) had the opportunity to open up for The Herbaliser at Knitting Factory in NYC through a connection with DJ Ollie Teeba. It just seemed the timing was perfect as things were transitioning for me as an artist. 

2) Have you ever worked with a live band before? 

U-George - You know we've never worked with a live band as a collective before. Its been talked about though on occasion. 

Audessey - I have had the opportunity to work with Flue and Masta Conga. 

3) Do you have any favourite tracks on the album (Cinder Hill)? 

Oxygen - Definitely the posse cut because I finally got the chance to be featured on a track with one of my long time favorite emcees, Edo.G along with the other incredible talent on the song. I also love "Come A Long Way" with Masta Ace & Large Professor because it has that classic organic feel that both of them have mastered, and "Put It On Ya" because of the fun we had shooting the video. 

Audessey - Every track on this project is absolutely dope!! There is not one lull moment this project and I am truly honored to be apart of it. It is really from start to finish one hell of a listen. 

4) How would you explain the lyrical content of Put It On Ya and what was it about the beat that made you write that way? 

U-George - Well, I was in fight mode lyrically. I guess that's the best way to describe it. I let the beat dictate my movement on the song. Also, I fed off of my group members' energy. 


5) Ox, I know you have now hung up the mic for now, but what was the very last track that you involved in writing? 

Oxygen - Hmmm.....I believe it was my verse on "Dust & Decay" from Soundsci's 'My Boosey Weighs A Ton" LP. 

6) In the track Forward March ​you have a line 'Relative of John Hooker so I studied the blues' - can you elaborate on this? 

Oxygen - Yes, the legendary blues singer John Lee Hooker is a 1st cousin of my maternal grandmother Mattie Lou Moore (née Hooker). The blues is literally in my blood. Unfortunately I had never gotten a chance to meet him before his passing, but I know it would have been amazing to sit and chop it up with him about his experiences, techniques and life in general. 

7) What are you working on at the moment? 

U-George - I'm actually always working on something! That's the blessing and the curse of being an artist. Soon come trust me! 

Audessey - Actually right now, I'm about to start to write on a couple song on JonnyCuba's "Create-A-Mess" project and also I have finished a solo project called JackJones LP "The Fix", and Soundsci just released "Droppin Needles" (with the Cut Beetles) on A&E records. 

8) Do you think UK producers have a different approach to American ones? 

Audessey - To be honest I just think folks over there love music as much as everyone. Just like in the states people have their different "focus" on music , however as far as hiphop is concerned and the people I have been honored to work with it has just been a mutual collaboration and enjoyment making music with all the folks in the UK. I have made some life long friends over in the UK and I am blessed to be able to have work and STILL work with them all. 

9) George, you've got a track dedicated to the Wu-Tang on your album. What's your favourite solo album from a Wu member? 

U-George - Supreme Clientele from Ghostface is my joint! Especially because everyone says Raekwon's Cuban links album. 

Thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions… 

Thanks for the opportunity and the love y'all! PEACE

Here's some of our favourite Soundsci tracks (Bandcamp links)

Hunger Pains


The Vow 



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