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When we started making the Cinder Hill album there were a few MCs we really wanted to get involved, J-Live was right at the top of the list. He was dropping a lot of music around the 2000s when we were most active as a band. He also did great guests tracks like the one with Richy Pitch, so I thought he would rise to the challenge. He picked the beat and asked if he could just rap the whole way through, "Of course you can" I told him. He blessed us with some fiery lyrics in no less than 64 killer bars!

1) In your track 'Continuation' you are laying into a fair few people, can you elaborate on the content of the track? 

It’s kind of a double edge sword. Far too often I hear people complaining about hip hop and the industry. There’s plenty to complain about but there’s no lack of good music. There’s imbalance in the way it’s covered but real recognize real. So I just wanted to set a few things straight. 

2) At the top of the track you reference your grandpa Sam, can you tell us a little about him? 

My Grandpa’s name is Sam. So I’m playing with the Son of Sam name. I usually don’t know what to say at the beginning of features so I just keep whatever I say in the first take. I have an all time favorite line in another song; True grit and sand ampersand a plan. A grandson of Sam. A grand son of man. 

3) Have you gigged much with a live band? Did you do much with the band Soulive? 

I’ve had a couple tours with Soulive and done shows with Maktub and Galactic and some cool players from Albany New York. I’ve been on songs with Soulive and had them do session work on some of my records as well. I look forward to performing this song live with the band some day. Maybe collaborating more often. 

4) Do you have any favourite tracks from the album? 

I can’t get past mine. I’ve had it on repeat and it’s first soooo… (Kidding) The whole album KNOCKS! And I have a bunch of good peoples on there from JR to Masta Ace to El Da Sensei. But it was great hearing Soundsci and Mr Thing together on Put It on Ya. Mr Thing has been my tour DJ and I’ve learned so much from him about digging. And one of my earliest tours overseas was with Mass Influence. Small world. 

Check me out and keep up with the latest at www.realjlive.com Thanks!

Being one of my favourite MCs I remixed a bunch of his tracks for my Rough Versions remix series a few years back, you can download them for free from here

Some of my favourite J-Live tracks...


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