Guilty Simpson interview

Posted by Tom Caruana on

We wanted to get some heavyweight rhyming on the beat we used for Malt Liquor. To begin with it was going to be a posse tune with Guilty doing the first verse, but then I asked him who he imagined would work well on this beat and he suggested Fat Ray and the track felt full with the 2 of them. 

​1) Have you worked with live bands before?

Yes I have 

2) What tracks are you feeling the most on the album?

Malt Liquor with Fat Ray and I love it 

3) ​What have you been listening to lately?

Fela Kuti 

4) Is there anyone that you think we should work with in the future?

Me again haha 

5) Can you break down/elaborate on any of your lyrics on this track?

On the song I question the authenticity of rappers that always incorporate street lyrics in songs. Then Basically I go into a story of someone I know that made bad decisions and wants to hurt who told on him. A short street tale. A real part of my life

Couple of our favourite Guilty tracks...


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