Professor Elemental - The Adventures Of Professor Elemental -  CD

Professor Elemental - The Adventures Of Professor Elemental - CD

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Release Date: 13th November 2017


Brace yourself for the adventures of Professor Elemental! Here then is the first series of radio plays documenting the adventures of Britain’s most ridiculous mad professor. Get ready for a wild ride through haunted attics, faraway islands, the gritty streets of Victorian London and the wildest village fete in all of history! Meet a brand-new cast of characters from giant owls to Superhero women, proper gentlemen to diabolical villains. There’s never been a radio show like this, probably with very good reason. 

Recorded with a full cast from the cream of UK comedy, directed by Moog (video director for Cup Of Brown Joy, Fighting trousers) and produced by Tom Caruana (TeaSea records, Son Of Sam, Professor Elemental). Each features a fully produced soundscape of special effects and brand new songs by the Professor himself. 

Strap in, sit down and get the kettle on- it’s the Adventures Of Professor Elemental! 

Ages 12 and up- occasional light swearing, hilarious murders and references to horse brandy


Written by Paul Alborough and Alex Lynch 
Starring John Henry Falle, Kathryn Bond, Richard Soames, Faye Greenhalgh, Moog, Alex Lynch and 
Professor Elemental as himself. 
Directed by Moog 
Produced by Tom Caruana 
Original Music and SFX by Tom Caruana

CD comes with digital download upon purchase 
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