Grand Agent & Tom Caruana - The Ghetto Ain't A Place - CD

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Format: CD in cardboard sleeve

Release Date: 2010

Description: Tom Caruana teams up with Grand Agent for a collaboration of banging beats and bars.  


1. Stay That Way

2. Aw Shucks

3. Any Territory

4. Plain As Day (skit)

5. The Ghetto Ain't A Place

6. Breed The Fight Back

7. Killing The Game

8. Doin' Too Much

9. R&B

10. Sorry 

11. Progress Freak

12. Child Support

13. Can't Stop Trippin' 

14. Favourite Rapper

15. Good Black Boy


Grand Agent - The Ghetto Ain't A Place
Vocals by Grand Agent / Beats by Tom Caruana
Cuts by Fidel Cutstro

Album comes with digital download upon purchase 

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