Wordsmiff FLIP - The Grownman Showcase - CD (PRE ORDER SHIPPING END OF MAY)

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CD in digi-pak. 

1. Atonement

2. Now I Know

3. Devils In The Details

4. Mad World feat. Amy True & Chester P

5. Headway feat. Pace Won

6. Study In Feat feat. Tenchoo, Verbs , Omus, Hozay,

7. Love Thy Neighbour feat. Seanie T

8. Soul Plan feat. Flo

9. Nowhere Theme

10. No Mercy feat. Broward Bby

11. Bunga feat. Ruste Jux, Enlish & Red Master

12. Pressure

13. Easy Addict feat. Al The Native

14. Split

15. Fond Memories feat. Flo

16. Take It Back feat. Genesis Elijah & Novar FLIP

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