Brewing Up - Tape

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Brewing Up features the cream of Uk hip hop. Tom creates a patchwork of beats and invites a vast array of the UK’s best MCs to lace them. 
Featuring beats from some of Caruana’s classic remix albums such as Black Gold and An Adventure to Pepperland as well as beats exclusive to this album. The album took inspiration from the Lyrastist Lounge albums and due to the range of MCs and beats, almost has the feel of a compilation. 

This is just the start of a series of new material from Caruana.

Tape tracklist 

Side A
01. The Whip featuring Kosyne
02. Master Builders featuring Melanin 9 & Skriblah DanGogh
03. Acting Thinking Feeling featuring Juga-Naut
04. You Look Nice featuring Scorzayzee
05. Laurent Perrier featuring Sonnyjim
06. It Try featuring Ric Branson
07. On It featuring Micall Parknsun
08. Ham For Leather featuring Rup
09. Growing Pains featuring Mys-Diggi
Side B
01. Papa Lazarou featuring Lunar C
02. Cereal featuring Al The Native
03. Also featuring Skuff
04. Entree featuring Teach Em
05. Killing It featuring Scorzayzee, Genesis Elijah & Amy True
06. No Competition featuring Phoenix Da Icefire
07. Flashback featuring Oracy
08. Lost and Found featuring Essa
09. The Way It Is featuring Leaf Dog, Phonetic & Scorzayzee

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