Professor Elemental - Nemesis! CD

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A Professor and his ape. The long arm of the law. New Allies. An army of villainy. It’s all come together… for the last time? The epic conclusion to a story that's been years in the making. Join Professor Elemental and a host of new friends and foes as he embarks on his most dangerous adventure yet. Produced by Tom Caruana and featuring Adam Felman as Officer Problem, this is the long awaited album that has it all.

Of course, an album this epic couldn't *just* be a usual CD release. Along with the music itself and an mp3 download, the limited edition CD comes with a full 'story so far', an incredible cover by Pete Woods, a postcard featuring art by Melissa Worthy and a 20 page book by Chris Mole with the full lyrics and a gallery of original artwork.


01. Show Stopper

02. It's Great To Be Me (Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen)

03. Something Really Bad Happens

04. Keeping Things Ticking Over

05. An Officer and a Mental Man

06. I Love Libraries

07. The Handbook

08. What Lies Beneath

09. A World Between Walls

10. Swim For It

11. In The Bath

12. The Return To The Attic

13. Home Again

14. A Perfect World (Without You)

15. Prelude To An Altercation

16. Have At Thee!

17. The Price

18. All For You

19. Epilogue


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