Professor Elemental - School Of Whimsy - CD

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Release Date: 9th April 2018


Brand new Professor Elemental album is finally here. Enrol into his School of Whimsy, learn, play and meet some of the other students! 


1) Words from the Headmaster
2) Comfort Zone feat. Nick Maxwell
3) Downside Up feat. Ella Jean
4) Came a Long Way feat. Nick Maxwell
5) One Too Many
6) Crackpot (skit)
7) Jumble Sale feat. The Spoken Herd
8) Nervous
9) Housebound Hedonists feat. Dr Syntax & Nick Maxwell
10) Live Like Kings feat. Ella Jean
11) Witness the Miraculous (skit)
12) Make Good Art pt. 2 feat. Willie Evans Jr & Jesse Dangerously
13) SQRL
14) Everything You Need to Get Started (skit)
15) Tom's House feat. Sabira Jade
16) Good Morning feat. Nick Maxwell
17) Sunskip 
18) Outro (skit) 



All tracks produced & mixed by Tom Caruana
Mastered by Flevans at EW Mastering
Keys on Make Good Art pt. 2 by Willie Evans Jr. 
Sax & Flute on Sunskip by Richard Halligan
Cover Art by V. V. Glass
Album comes with digital download upon purchase 

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