Elements Of The Professor - Instrumentals - CD

Elements Of The Professor - Instrumentals - CD

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Format: CD in cardboard sleeve

Release Date: 2012


Instrumental versions of songs from The Indifference Engine, Father Of Invention, More Tea & Rebel Without Applause.



(all tracks instrumental versions)

1. Cup Of Brown Joy 

2. Fighting Trousers

3. I'm British

4. Everything Stops For Tea

5. Animal Magic (Remix)

6. This Is My Horse

7. An Englishman's House Is His Castle

8. Cup Of Brown Joy (Tea Bag Remix)

9. The Great Race

10. A Fete Worse Than Death

11. You're Invited

12. Splendid

13. Splendid (Remix)

14. Steampowered

15. Steampowered (Remix)

16. Hat Full Of Sunshine

17. Oh Geoffery

18. The Quest For The Golden Frog (Remix)

19. Ilixir

20. The Attic

21. So Long Sally

22. Diga Diga Do

23. The Duel

24. Animal Magic

25. Animal Magic (Bonus Beat)

26. The Quest For The Golden Frog

27. You Remind Me Of A Car

28. Back In The Swing Of Things



All tracks produced, mixed & mastered by Tom Caruana

Album comes with digital download upon purchase 
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